Saturday, August 27, 2005

Mmm Mmm Good?

Milady and I were coming back from the hospital to visit a relative when I saw this banner hanging from a local hawker center. (I took the picture from inside our car while we were at a red light.) This is some fairly typical Chinese fare. The top left and top center selections are "XO" in the respect that they add some alcohol to the soups (note the bottles next to the right of the bowls). The bottom center and bottom right selections, I think, are incorrectly labeled. Instead of, say, "Braised Big Pig's Intestine," I think the restaurant owner really meant "Braised Pig Large Intestine" (and the other would be a pig's small intestine). I shan't make any cultural value comments other than to say that, of course, all these ingredients are haram to us Muslims, so I won't be eating here anytime in the future, insha'allah.

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