Saturday, August 06, 2005

Hungry Ghost Offering

Last night, after coming home from work, Milady and I discovered that many of our Chinese neighbors were starting the "Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival" offerings. It's quite a spectacular sight to see with all the various candles being lit, the burnt offerings, and the food placed out for the "hungry ghosts." We immediately got out the digital camera, and then walked around for a few minutes to take photographs. (Most people were wary of having their picture taken, so I tried to concentrate on taking photos without people - which was a temptation difficult to overcome. ;) ) This particular photograph is, without question, the best from last night. It was also a "mistake" in that I had meant to have the flash on. However, the photo came out with this wonderful red hue, and I present the photo almost completely untouched (the only thing I have done is to compress it to 25% of the original byte-size).

Insha'allah, I'll be adding some more photos that I took from last night (and today) soon.

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